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Healthy School / Colleges / Academy / University Meals

Our aim is to promote nutritional awareness to Schools, Colleges and Universities, resulting

in a healthier approach to life.  Introducing schools to fresh ingredients, including fresh fruit and

vegetables are delivered daily.  By choosing to eat a homemade healthy meals

experience higher energy levels boosting our customers healthy way of life.

You can choose from a freshly made hot meal or a nutritionally balanced cold option.


Available Daily: freshly made sandwich Baps, Ham, Plain Cheese, Cream Cheese & Ham,

Baguettes, Wraps, bagels, Homemade Blueberry & Chocolate Muffins,

Giant Chocolate Cookies,   fresh fruit Salad and

vegetables, chilled salad bar, dessert of the day.


ALL meals include fresh vegetables, salad bar choice, fresh fruit or dessert.  Baked Jacket Potatoes are always available.


VEGETARIAN option always available.

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