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Dessert Mini Dessert Menu Selection | Menu's | Cape Town Event Catering Home Made Meals | Retreat, Cape Town

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Dessert Menu Selection

Hot Selections:

Apple Crumble

*Served with hot custard, fresh cream or vanilla ice cream


Sticky Toffee Pudding

*Served with Fresh Cream or vanilla ice cream


Triple Chocolate Fudge Pudding

*Served with Chocolate sauce, fresh cream or vanilla ice cream


Cold Selections:


Fresh Fruit Salad

*Served with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Éclairs

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Traditional Chocolate Brownie’s

*Served with fresh cream, chocolate sauce or vanilla ice cream


*NB: Dessert selections will be only three items of the above hot or cold


Mini Dessert Menu Selection:


Cold Selections:


Mini Chocolate Selections

Strawberries dipped in hot chocolate sauce

Various mini Cheese Cakes

Mini Caramelised Fresh Fruit Skewers Bites with warm chocolate sauce

Assorted petit fours

Mixed truffle selection 


Examples of Desserts

*NB: This includes serving equipment and warming equipment.

Additional Cost: Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses, Spit Braai Equipment, Braai Equipment, wood, charcoals and cooking Equipment.

Deco optional: Additional Cost

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