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Canape` Reception | Menu's | Cape Town Event Catering Home Made Meals | Retreat, Cape Town

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Canape' Reception

Please choose a maximum of 4 options from attached Buffet Menu

(Yields 60 items per platter - 15 of each type) Cost: On Request

Please choose a maximum of 3 desserts from attached Buffet Menu

(Yields 60 items per platter - 20 of each type) Cost: On Request

Note: Please use the appropriate code when filling the Catering Function Request form:

  1. Mini potato fritter with leek and gruyere topping

  2. Small ciabattas with baby tomato ,mozzarella and basil

  3. Pumpkin fritter with mascarpone, pancetta & parmesan shaving

  4. Duck & Pancetta or chorizo on mini ginger blini & dried fig

  5. Mini phyllo pastry cups with spinach, feta & toasted pine nuts

  6. Smoked salmon, red onion, Crème Fraiche, boat

  7. Tuna capers, herbs, lemon, pine nuts and black olive crostini

  8. Live oysters served on crushed ice, Tabasco, black pepper & lemon

  9. Mini fillet burger with horseradish & rocket

  10. Chicken, Mango ,fine dice red pepper in a cape pastry cup

  11. Wild mushroom & truffle tartlets

  12. Asparagus, black olive & parmesan tartlets

  13. Chicken Sosaties, coriander relish & cumin yoghurt

  14. Beef mini skewers & mild mustard cream

  15. Baby grilled chorizo with sweet chilli chutney

  16. Pan fried king prawns & sweet pepper dew

  17. Green olive, cherry tomato & basil pesto

  18. Mini spicy lamb sausage & salas verde

  19. Honey dew melon & parma ham

  20. Green olive, red pepper & anchovies

  21. Lemon grass skewers, scallops & coriander relish

  22. Chilli parmesan cheese straw with butternut & goat’s cheese mousse

  23. Chargrilled red mini peppers, goats cheese& basil tarlets

  24. Lobster, watercress & lemon mayo on baked bread doe rounds

  25. Sweet honey roasted ham, asparagus & wholegrain mustard

  26. Shot glasses: Spiced Tomato Cocktail & prawn, Spanish gazpacho, Butternut, truffle oil & chilli parmesan cheese straw.

Note about our canapés

The above canapé fillings are served on home-made brioche, croissant or specially baked bread doe rounds, mini rice cakes and specially baked mini pastry cups are also used. All canapés are produced from the finest ingredients by our chef teams. Meat, fish, shellfish and cheese canapés are served on skewers, for easy enjoyable eating.


Selection of Desserts with Finger Buffet

D1.      Mini Chocolate Cup Selection

D2.      Chocolate Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce

D3.      Various mini cheese cakes

D4.      Mini Caramelised fresh fruit Skewers Bites with warm chocolate sauce  

D5.      Mini Traditional chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce

D6.      Assorted petit fours

D7.      Mixed truffle selection



*NB: This includes serving equipment and warming equipment.

Additional Cost: Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses, Spit Braai Equipment, Braai Equipment, wood, charcoals and cooking Equipment.

Deco optional: Additional Cost

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