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VIP Finger Buffets | Menu's | Cape Town Event Catering Home Made Meals | Retreat, Cape Town

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VIP Finger Buffet

Please choose a maximum of 4 options from attached Buffet Menu

(Yields 60 items per platter - 15 of each type) Cost: On Request

Please choose a maximum of 3 desserts from attached Buffet Menu

(Yields 60 items per platter - 20 of each type) Cost: On Request

Note: Please use the appropriate code when filling the Catering Function Request form

    A     Saffron Chicken skewers with a sweet chilli jam
B Baby Chicken Caesar Salad
C Skewered chicken fillets marinated in honey, lemon and ginger
D Chicken tikka sticks with mango and coriander glaze
E Honey and barbeque chicken wings with sour cream and chive dip.
F Mini coronation and coriander chicken.
G Garlic chicken goujons served with a barbeque sauce
H Chicken thighs filled with fresh apricots.
I Chicken wings served with a barbeque sauce
J Rare roast beef in mini Yorkshire puddings with creamy horseradish.
K Mini marinated beef kebabs with Asian spices.
L Mini spicy lamb Kofta with Tzatsikiaby
M Spiced lamb patties with mint yoghurt
N Lamb samosas with a mango and mint chutney

Asparagus and Parma ham spears served with cherry tomato relish.

P Chorizo with baby mozzarella and cherry tomato skewers.
Q King prawns in filo pastry
R Mini smoked salmon and leek quiche

Selection of Desserts with Finger Buffet


D1.    Mini Chocolate Cup Selection

D2.    Chocolate Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce

D3.    Various mini cheese cakes

D4.    Caramelised fresh fruit Skewers Bites with warm chocolate sauce 

D5.    Traditional chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce

D6.    Mixed fresh fruit pieces

D7.    Assorted petit fours

D8.    Mixed truffle selection


Serves 6 to 8 people

*NB: This includes serving equipment and warming equipment.

Additional Cost: Cutlery, Crockery, Glasses, Spit Braai Equipment, Braai Equipment, wood, charcoals and cooking Equipment.

Deco optional: Additional Cost

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