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Terms and conditions of service

Creative Catering Guesthouse and Projects (PTY) LTD


CLIENT: A CLIENT is an individual or entity with details supplied in the above-mentioned invoice, wanting to enter into a business transaction with Creative Catering Guesthouse and Projects (PTY) LTD


BOOKING DEADLINE: We are happy to hold your booking for 14 days from date of quotation. Should written confirmation and the 60% deposit, not be received by this date, we reserve the right to release your booking. Should the quotation be made within 14 days of the event, we will request a 10% booking fee and take the function as confirmed, if for any reason the event is cancelled we will request a cancellation fee.


DEPOSIT: A 60% deposit of the Grand Total is required one month before the event to confirm any booking with Creative Catering Guesthouse. In the event where a function is booked on the last minute we will require the 60% deposit to be transferred within 72hrs cleared funds, into the Creative Catering Bank account. Services are not guaranteed until the deposit is received and the terms and conditions as well as the quote have been signed and emailed back.  We reserve the right to release your booking should the deposit and or signed proposal not be received within the 14 day period.

Final Payment: We request final payment no later than 7 Days before the event.


SUBSTITUTIONS: Should an ingredient, décor item or equipment, for any reason be unavailable we reserve the right to replace it with a suitable substitute of the highest quality available of equal value. We reserve the right to artistic licence and design.


PROOF OF PAYMENT: All prices are quoted in South African Rands and must be paid in South African Rands.  Proof of payment must either be emailed as a PDF file or a payment slip can be emailed to Creative Catering Guesthouse and Projects (PTY) LTD at


LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY: Creative Catering Guesthouse and Projects (PTY) LTD, its members, staff and service providers are not liable for any loss suffered by the client, damage or injury to property or person of the Client during the contracted period detailing here within.

Creative Catering shall not be liable for and the Client herby indemnifies Creative Catering Guesthouse and Projects, Catering against any breach or contravention of any law, by-law or regulation that is not brought to the attention of Creative Catering by the client, prior to the function.


NUMBERS: Numbers of people to cater for must be confirmed (one) month prior to the function and those numbers will be catered for and charged for. For functions in the excess of 100 guests, this confirmation must be made 30 days before, and if there is a large percentage drop, there may be a price increase per person to cover standard expenses.


MENU PRICES: We reserve the right to amend prices should our cost price fluctuate beyond our reasonable control.


RELIGIOUS DIET: We are NOT Halaal or Kosher certified, but will use certified products in the preparation of our meals. For orthodox customers, we will outsource to certified caterers and deliver the certified food packaged completely separate from any other food.


EQUIPMENT HIRE: All catering equipment will only be used by Creative Catering Staff members at events, If any breakages occur while being used by a guest there may be a breakage fee charged at our discretion to the Client.

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